talent concept

Let the right people be in the right place, and let those who contribute have equal returns.

autonomous simulation

talent strategy

Adhere to the concept of "human resources are the first resource of an enterprise", innovate the methods of talent cultivation and introduction, and strive to build an international talent team that is compatible with the development of international strategy, appropriate total amount, reasonable hierarchical structure, and supporting professional structure. It has become the backbone of international strategic development.

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incentive mechanism

Guided by performance and results, we should establish a short-term, medium-term and long-term "trinity" assessment and incentive mechanism, and a salary system in line with the market, so as to achieve "assessment on everyone's head", promote the refinement of the salary system, let employees share the achievements of the company's operation and development, and realize common development.

Talent Recruitment

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Daily chemical raw material sales

Responsibilities 1. Sales and promotion of the company's products; 2, multi-channel development of new markets, the development of new customers; 3. Planning and execution of sales activities in the region; 4. Establish long-term strategic cooperation relationship with customers.
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Organic Synthesis Researcher

Responsibilities 1, responsible for the project process improvement, optimization and other work; 2, responsible for the writing of relevant materials and other work; 3, responsible for process amplification and production enterprise process handover work.
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R & D Engineer of Cosmetics Division

Responsibilities 1. The overall solution of cosmetic anti-corrosion system; 2, cosmetic raw material ratio efficacy evaluation; 3, the customer inspection samples for anti-corrosion efficacy testing, and other microbial testing; 4. Cooperate with the company's publicity and promotion activities and provide technical support for the company.